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Sofitel Fitness Membership

Terms & conditions and rules & regulations Sofitel Spa and Fitness, Auckland New Zealand


The membership shall entitle the member with a full facility membership to use the facilities of Sofitel Spa & Fitness at the time that the Spa is regularly open for business, commencing with the date of this agreement up until the expiry date of this agreement.


-Members are given the choice to upgrade their membership after joining if they so wish. Membership upgrades are calculated on the difference of monthly fees or the prepaid amount outstanding.
-The old membership card will become invalid and a new card will be re issued.
-Members are only able to downgrade membership after their contract term has expired


Payment can be made in two ways.
-If purchasing a long-term membership (i.e longer than 3 months) the member will qualify for a discounted rate. Full pre-payment must be received prior to member’s first visit to Sofitel Spa & Fitness. All fees of which are non-refundable.
-Monthly pay as you go memberships are available at the monthly rates providing a direct debit application has been completed and accepted.


The member will receive a written notice prior to the expiration date of their membership term. Sofitel Spa & Fitness will require confirmed renewal consent with membership payment no later than 2 weeks before the membership expiration date. If renewal confirmation is not received by Sofitel Spa & Fitness from the member prior to that time, Sofitel Spa & Fitness will continue membership charges as per normal. If after the two weeks the member then decides not to renew, they will be charged for the month remainder on their membership.



A member shall have the ability to use the facilities and services as listed below during such times as the facilities and services are open and in accordance to their membership type.
20m swimming pool
Sauna & Steam room
Cardiovascular equipment
Strength training equipment & free weights
Locker Hire


Sofitel Spa & Fitness may change its opening hours from time to time, however each member will be informed prior to the change of operating hours. The opening hours are Monday- Sunday 6am-10pm.


-Should a membership card be lost or stolen, the member should immediately notify the management in writing. A replacement card will then
be issued for a nominal charge of $5.00


i) Early Cancellations: Early cancellations can only happen if the member moves residence out of Auckland. We need 30 days written notice.
ii) Suspension: Annual Members are able to place their memberships on hold with 14 days written notice for the following circumstances:
A. Business travel for a month period.
B. Extended vacation for a month period.
C. Medical circumstances that prevent the member from using the spa facility ( i.e. Fitness equipment)
D. Pregnancy with the appropriate medical certificates. E. The suspension term can only extend past a month at Sofitel Spa & Fitness’s discretion and review of each case.


-Sofitel Spa & Fitness may from time to time either post or publish a set of rules and regulations for the use of the Spa’s facilities and amend the set of rules and regulations from time to time, which the member hereby agrees to abide by.
-Sofitel Spa & Fitness may change the hours of operation and facilities from time to time all at the Spa’s sole discretion, without notice to the Member. Any such rules and regulations or changes shall not release the Member from any obligation under this Agreement.
-Membership cards are required to be presented to the Spa Reception desk each visit to the Fitness Centre. The Spa has the right to refuse the member daily access to the spa without presentation by the member of their membership card. Lost membership cards will be subject to a replacement fee.
-Sofitel Spa & Fitness management has the right to adjust the membership fees and charges for the services and facilities at their discretion.
The spa, fitness and health facilities including pools are unsupervised and used at the member’s own risk.
-Sofitel Spa & Fitness retains the right to close facility and or pools for periodic maintenance or emergency maintenance for a period of time in order to complete the work. Whenever possible, Sofitel Spa & Fitness will provide at least 24 hours’ notice to be posted at the facility detailing hours and/or days the facility or pools will not be available.
-Sofitel Spa & Fitness shall have the right to terminate a membership without refund if the member violates any rules, regulations or by-laws of the facility.
-All memberships are not refundable for any reason whatsoever.
-Sofitel Spa & Fitness management has the right to refuse entry to any member or guest.
-No personal food and beverages other than water bottles are allowed to be consumed inside the premises of Sofitel Spa & Fitness.
-Membership at Sofitel Spa & Fitness may only be used by the cardholder and member only. Memberships cannot be
transferred between members. Breech of use will result in termination.

-All persons using the facility are responsible at all times for their personal possessions.
-People with health disabilities should inform staff before using Sofitel Spa & Fitness facilities
-No person shall be allowed access to the facility if they are under the influence of alcohol or drug usage
ii)Swimming pool and Spa facilities usage
-Sofitel Spa & Fitness shall refuse admittance to the swimming pool to any person who has reason to believe has a communicable disease or a communicable infection, or who appears to be otherwise unclean.
-No Person shall use a swimming pool if they have a communicable disease or a communicable infection or spit in, spout water in, blow nose in, urinate in or otherwise pollute the water of a swimming pool.
-People using the spa area must take a shower prior to using the spa and pool facilities
-All persons using the facility must wear the appropriate attire at all times. No nudity is permitted in the public areas, such as the swimming pool and Jacuzzi area.
-Children under the age of 16 must be supervised whilst using the swimming pool
-Children under the age of 16 are not permitted access into the spa facilities, such as the sauna, steam room or Jacuzzi pool.
-No inflatable devices can be used in the swimming pool with the exception of float aids to assist swimming
iii)Gym usage
-No children under the age of 16 are permitted access into the Gym area.
-Appropriate attire, such as athletic/sports clothing, sports socks and athletic footwear must be worn in Sofitel Fitness at all times. As a matter of etiquette, removal of shirts is not permitted in the exercise areas.
-People who refuse to wear appropriate sport shoes will be asked to refrain from using the equipment
People with health disabilities should inform staff before using Sofitel Spa & Fitness facilities
-People should exercise with caution and be aware of other people around them
-Members should be courteous and adhere to the time limit of 30 minutes on each piece of cardio equipment during peak hours.
-At no time during the use of the Gym facilities is the member able to drop heavy weights on the gym floor. Failure to adhere will result in membership termination.
iv)Guest usage
-Members can bring a maximum of 2 guests into the facility for a nominal daily charge of $25.
-Member must stay on premises with their guest.
-Member’s guests receive no member discount privileges as per members
-The member is totally responsible for all charges incurred by their guests


-The member expressly acknowledges that the member is aware that participation in a sport or physical exercise may result in accidents or injury and the member confirms that the
member is voluntarily participating in these activities and assumes the risk connected with the participation in the activity.
-The member represents that the member is in good health and physical condition and suffers from no impairment which would prevent the member from engaging in use of the spa, health or fitness facilities or affect or endanger the use by others.
-The member agrees the member will not use any of the facilities or devices while having any open cuts, abrasions, open sores, infections or illnesses. The management of Sofitel Spa & Fitness shall have the right to make a final binding determination in this regard.
– The member agrees the member will not use any facilities or devices if experiencing symptoms of COVID-19. The management of Sofitel Spa & Fitness has the right to refuse entry in this regard.
-The member specifically agrees that Accor, Sofitel Auckland Viaduct Harbour and Sofitel Spa & Fitness, its officers, employees and agents, shall not be liable for and hereby releases them from any claim, demand or course of action of any kind whatsoever for, or on account of personal injury, death, property damage or loss of any kind whatsoever resulting from or related to the use of the facilities or the participation in any sport, exercise, program or activity is in association with the Spa, fitness and health facilities or this membership.


-Sofitel Spa & Fitness may assign all of its rights, interests and obligations pursuant to this agreement to any person without the consent of the members. The member shall not assign or transfer any of the member’s rights or obligations to a third party, in whole or in part, without the prior consent of the Spa.
-This agreement constitutes the entire agreement between Sofitel Spa & Fitness and the member pertaining to its subject matter and supersedes all prior and contemporaneous agreements, understandings, negotiations and discussions, whether oral or written, of the parties in connection with its subject matter. This agreement shall not be amended except in writing and executed by both parties. This agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws in force in Auckland, New Zealand.

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